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ā€‹Autonomous cars have flooded San FranciscošŸ„².

ā€‹Autonomous cars have flooded San FranciscošŸ„².

Autonomous cars have flooded San FranciscošŸ„². They cause traffic jams and frighten the locals.

Cruise, a division of General MotorsšŸš˜, has received permission to operate self-driving cabs around the clock throughout San Francisco. A similar service is offered by the Google-owned company, Waymo, but so far, only during nighttime hours.

Difficulties for autonomous cars can arise from unexpected objects on the road. If the system encounters an unfamiliar scenario, it can lead to sudden braking. I recall in March, after rains accompanied by storm winds, one of Waymo's cars remained stationary at an intersection for a prolonged period, unable to navigate around a fallen tree. Which left us stuck in a traffic jam.

We also witnessed an instance where the police tried to stop a self-driving cab that was operating without its headlights on. The car initially stopped but then continued as if nothing had occurred.

However, some of my friends argue that the number of accidents involving self-driving cars is actually lower. Only time will tell. For now, we observe them ā€“ sometimes with admiration and sometimes with frustration, especially when we find ourselves stuck in traffic jamsšŸ¤­.

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