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It was perfect. I can’t say enough good words about it. We had a crazy, intense deadline: 10 weeks to pull off the billing system CRM, shipping system, and customer support from scratch and they did it. A lot of times they worked 15–18 hours a day, 7 days a week, for a few weeks. It was delivered on time, good quality, and more than originality than promised. It was amazing. We communicate daily. When I wake up, I call the project manager in Ukraine and we go over progress, questions, and coordination. I review the code because I’m a programmer myself from the past so I go through the architecture and deliverables.
Alexander Kapinos
Vitaliy and his guys are totally fantastic. Their work had a tremendous impact on our software systems. DevsX are very punctual, responsive, and professional in every way imaginable. We worked with them on numerous projects, over the course of about 2 years. We threw everything at them from small issues to extremely complicated features. There are many examples we could give of their excellent work, but I will mention one. Vitaliy and his team handled the background sync between all devices and did it seamlessly!
Alexander Kapinos
Team has shown a high level of responsibility and professionalism while working on this project. The team not only delivered according to the requirements of the project but also suggested several improvements which made the site structure more user-friendly and laconic. We consider this as a sign of deep understanding of the portal idea as well as an indication that the team takes great interest in the project and strives for the result.
Andrey Povolotskij
Vitalii and his team are a pleasure to work with. They are always willing to listen, share ideas, and move forward on tasks. Easy to communicate with and his team adapt quickly to project modifications and evolutions.
John Ko


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